Package javax.lang.model.element

Interface Summary

AnnotationMirror Represents an annotation.
AnnotationValue Represents the value of an element in an annotation.
AnnotationValueVisitor<R,P> A visitor for annotation values.
Element Represents a program element at the language level.
ElementVisitor<R,P> A visitor for program elements.
ExecutableElement Represents a method, constructor or initialiser (static or instance) for a class or interface (including annotation types).
Name An immutable sequence of characters, representing a name.
PackageElement Represents a package, providing access to information about it and its members.
TypeElement Represents a class or interface program element.
TypeParameterElement Represents a formal type parameter used by a generic class, interface, method or constructor element.
VariableElement Represents a field, enumeration constant, local variable or a method, constructor or exception parameter.

Class Summary

ElementKind Represents the kind of an element, such as a class element or a field element.
Modifier Represents a modifier on an element such as a class, method or field.
NestingKind Represents the level of nesting at which an element appears; top-level, member, local and anonymous.

Exception Summary

UnknownAnnotationValueException Thrown when an unknown annotation value is encountered, usually by a AnnotationValueVisitor.
UnknownElementException Thrown when an unknown element is encountered, usually by a ElementVisitor.