Package javax.lang.model.type

Interface Summary

ArrayType Represents an array type.
DeclaredType Represents a type declared in the source code i.e. a class or an interface.
ErrorType Represents a type that can't be modelled.
ExecutableType Represents something which may be executed i.e. a constructor, a method or an initialiser.
NoType Represents a pseudo-type used when a TypeMirror needs to be returned, but there is not one suitable.

Further information is provided by the kind of the instance, as follows:

  • TypeKind; used for method return types.
  • TypeKind; used for packages.
  • TypeKind: used when nothing else fits.
NullType Represents the null type i.e. the type of the expression null.
PrimitiveType Represents a primitive type such as a byte, boolean, char, double, float, int, long or short.
ReferenceType Represents a type referred to by reference.
TypeMirror Represents a realised type in the Java programming language.
TypeVariable Represents a type variable.
TypeVisitor<R,P> A visitor for types.
WildcardType Represents a wildcard type argument, which may take one of three forms:
  • ?

Class Summary

TypeKind Represents the kind of a type mirror, such as a boolean or a declared type.

Exception Summary

MirroredTypeException Thrown when an application attempts to access the Class object corresponding to a TypeMirror.
MirroredTypesException Thrown when an application attempts to access a sequence of Class objects, each corresponding to a TypeMirror.
UnknownTypeException Thrown when an unknown type is encountered, usually by a TypeVisitor.