Provides the core classes for the Java Management Extensions (JMX).

Interface Summary

Descriptor Provides metadata for a management element as a series of fields, formed from name-value pairs.
DescriptorAccess Allows the descriptor of a management element to be changed.
DescriptorRead Provides read access to the descriptor of a management element.
DynamicMBean Represents a management bean that provides a dynamic interface.
MBeanRegistration Beans may implement this interface in order to perform operations immediately prior to or after their registration or deregistration.
MBeanServer This interface represents a server for management beans, providing facilities for the creation, registration and removal of such beans.
MBeanServerConnection This interface represents a communication mechanism which may be used to access an MBean server, whether this be local or remote.
MBeanServerDelegateMBean Defines the interface for the delegate bean associated with a management server.
MXBean An annotation used to explictly mark an interface as defining (or not defining) an MXBean.
NotificationBroadcaster Represents a bean that can emit notifications when events occur.
NotificationEmitter Represents a bean that can emit notifications when events occur.
NotificationFilter Represents a object that acts as a filter for notifications.
NotificationListener Represents a object that can receive notifications from a bean.
PersistentMBean Beans may implement this interface in order to become persistent.
QueryExp Applies the type of relational constraints seen in the where clauses of databases to an ObjectName.
ValueExp Represents values that may be passed as arguments to QueryExps.

Class Summary

Attribute Represents an MBean attribute, having the name and the assigned value.
AttributeChangeNotification Defines the notification used to let listeners know of an attribute change.
AttributeChangeNotificationFilter Performs filtering of AttributeChangeNotifications based on a list of attribute names.
AttributeList Represents a list of MBean Attributes, with their names and values.
AttributeValueExp Represents an attribute value being used as an argument to a relational constraint.
DefaultLoaderRepository Maintains a list of the ClassLoader instances registered with the management servers, allowing it to be used to load classes.
JMX Common static methods pertaining to the management API.
MBeanAttributeInfo Describes the attributes of a management bean.
MBeanConstructorInfo Describes the constructors of a management bean.
MBeanFeatureInfo A general superclass for the description of features of management beans.
MBeanInfo Describes the interface of a management bean.
MBeanNotificationInfo Describes the notifications emitted by a management bean.
MBeanOperationInfo Describes the operations of a management bean.
MBeanParameterInfo Describes the parameters of a constructor or operation associated with a management bean.
MBeanPermission Represents the permissions required to perform operations using the MBeanServer.
MBeanServerBuilder Constructs a default implementation of an MBeanServer.
MBeanServerDelegate Provides an implementation of a delegate bean, which is associated with a management server.
MBeanServerFactory Creates and maintains a set of MBeanServer instances.
MBeanServerInvocationHandler Provides a proxy for a management bean.
MBeanServerNotification The notification emitted by a management server on a registration or de-registration event.
MBeanServerPermission Represents the permissions required to perform operations provided by the MBeanServerFactory.
MBeanTrustPermission Represents the permission held by a trusted source of management beans.
Notification A notification message that may be emitted by a bean.
NotificationBroadcasterSupport Provides an implementation of the NotificationEmitter interface, which beans may utilise by extension.
NotificationFilterSupport Performs filtering of Notifications based on a list of type prefixes.
ObjectInstance A simple class used to link a bean instance to its class name.
ObjectName An ObjectName instance represents the name of a management bean, or a pattern which may match the name of one or more management beans.
Query Provides static methods for constructing queries.
QueryEval Represents the evaluation context of a MBeanServer query by retaining the server used on a thread-by-thread basis.
StandardMBean Provides a dynamic management bean by using reflection on an interface and an implementing class.
StringValueExp Represents a string being used as an argument to a relational constraint.

Exception Summary

AttributeNotFoundException Thrown when a attribute is requested but can not be found.
BadAttributeValueExpException Thrown when the value of an a attribute passed to a query proves to be invalid.
BadBinaryOpValueExpException Thrown when the expression passed to a method for constructing a query proves to be invalid.
BadStringOperationException Thrown when a string-based operation passed to a query proves to be invalid.
InstanceAlreadyExistsException Thrown when an attempt to register a bean is made, and the bean is already registered.
InstanceNotFoundException Thrown when an attempt to locate a bean is made, and the bean does not exist in the repository.
IntrospectionException A general for all exceptions thrown during introspection operations on management beans.
InvalidApplicationException Thrown when a query or attribute is applied to a management bean which is of the wrong class.
InvalidAttributeValueException Thrown when a value is given for an attribute which is invalid.
JMException A general superclass for all non-runtime management exceptions.
JMRuntimeException A general superclass for all runtime management exceptions.
ListenerNotFoundException Thrown when a requested listener does not exist.
MalformedObjectNameException Thrown when a string used as an ObjectName is invalid.
MBeanException Represents an arbitrary exception thrown by a management bean.
MBeanRegistrationException Represents an arbitrary exception thrown during registration of a management bean.
NotCompliantMBeanException Thrown when a management bean is passed to a method (e.g. to an MBean server to be registered) and it fails to comply with the specifications for such a bean.
OperationsException A general superclass for all exceptions thrown by operations on management beans.
ReflectionException Represents one of the reflection exceptions thrown by a management bean.
RuntimeErrorException Represents an arbitrary error thrown by a management bean.
RuntimeMBeanException Represents an arbitrary runtime exception thrown by a management bean.
RuntimeOperationsException Represents a runtime exception thrown by a management bean operation.
ServiceNotFoundException Thrown when a requested service is unsupported.
Provides the core classes for the Java Management Extensions (JMX). This API builds on the notion of Java beans by providing a layer of abstraction between the beans themselves and the method of accessing them. Instead of being accessed directly, management beans or MBeans are usually accessed via a management server (an implementation of the @see MBeanServer interface). Thus, the bean itself may be a simple Java object or it may be something more complicated (for example, the server may map from Java to SNMP). The server may also retrieve the bean from some remote location rather than using a local object.

Management beans are usually used for monitoring and/or configuration of a particular entity. For example, the platform management beans found in the @see package allow the user to obtain information about the operating system, current memory usage, etc. as well as turning on and off certain additional facilities. To this end, an MBean consists of:

The most common type of management bean is the @see StandardMBean, A standard MBean relies on the naming patterns established by the JavaBeans framework; the value of an attribute name is retrieved by an accessor method named getName and changed by a mutator method called setName. If the mutator is absent, the attribute is read only. Naming is also used to associate the implementation of a bean with its interface; an bean Person is assumed to be an implementation of the interface PersonMBean (and vice versa). To avoid these naming constraints, the @see StandardMBean class may be used.

Types of Beans

The @see StandardMBean class is one example of a @see DynamicMBean where the attributes and operations of the bean are provided dynamically via the methods provided. With the