Interface Summary

Diagnostic<S> Encapsulates diagnostic information from a tool.
DiagnosticListener<S> Receices diagnostic notifications from tools.
FileObject Abstraction for all kinds of file objects used by tools, e.g. regular files, memory cache, or database data.
JavaCompiler Provides a programmatic interface to a compiler for the Java programming language.
JavaCompiler.CompilationTask Interface representing a compilation task as an asynchronous event or Future.
JavaFileManager File manager for tools which operate on source and class files.
JavaFileManager.Location Interface for obtaining the location of FileObjects.
JavaFileObject Abstraction for tools working with source and class files.
OptionChecker Interface for recognising options.
StandardJavaFileManager File manager for working with regular files or entries within file system containers, such as zip files.
Tool Interface for tools than be invoked from a program.

Class Summary

Diagnostic.Kind The kind of diagnostic information.
ForwardingFileObject<F,extends,FileObject> Forwards calls to a specified file object.
ForwardingJavaFileObject<F,extends,JavaFileObject> Forwards calls to a specified JavaFileObject.
JavaFileObject.Kind Kinds of Java files.
SimpleJavaFileObject Provides a simple implementation of many of the JavaFileObject methods, thus giving a useful basis for a subclass to complete the work.
StandardLocation Enumeration of standard locations for storing FileObjects.