The OpenJDK Common Virtual Machine Interface (CVMI) Project

The OpenJDK CVMI project originated as part of the OpenJDK challenge with the goal of providing a common library interface for the three Free Software class libraries (Sun OpenJDK, GNU Classpath and Apache Harmony). Its initial aims are threefold:

  1. Examine and document the existing VM interface used by OpenJDK
  2. Compare this with the existing GNU Classpath VM interface, and look at how other VMs (e.g. CACAO, JNode) have begun the move from this to the largely undocumented OpenJDK interface
  3. Experiment on the CVMI branch with a VM interface closer to the Java-based approach used by GNU Classpath

This site aims to be the focal point for these efforts. It will provide documentation of the current interface and of the changes being made on the CVMI branch, along with other issues of note. The IcedTea wiki will be used for more fluid discussion.


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